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Today's painting on big paper (50" x 38"). I was enjoying the feeling of sweeping my arm across the page. That gesture, repeated, evolved into the cup of coffee, done from memory and imagination. (Click on the image for an enlargement.)

diptych: walking



Another work in acrylic which started out on the big paper, though after thinking about it overnight, I decided that the composition and proportions and emphasis would be improved by getting rid of the bottom third and dividing the remainder into a diptych, 50" x 24", overall. (Click for an enlarged view.)

August Sander influence? Or Stendhal's mirror in the road? Or...? Loosely based on a photo from my California visit in February.


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Looking toward the Pacific Ocean. A larger scale version of the gouache sketch I made while hiking in Marin last month. Acrylic on paper: 50 inches wide by 38 inches high. (Click on the image for a larger view.) I am on spring break for the next two weeks, and after lots of recent travel, I'm looking forward to time with family and time for art.

three carrots

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Three carrots left from an afternoon snack, uneaten because they were "cut the wrong way." Remember when that was so important? (I still like cut carrots better than the rounded ones from the store, so I suppose I'm sympathetic - besides, it gave me something to paint this evening.)