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Midway through a week of snow flurries and I'm craving yellow. The tulips from the grocery store help, as do these bananas. I remind myself that the hours of daylight lengthen, and soon we will be out of the darkest quarter of the year.


I love your primaries here--they ARE a great antidote to the wintry grays.

I am a new painter (if I can make bold to call myself a painter -- doubtful ;-) ... and I find your site delightful.

You have influenced me in a couple of important ways!

For instance, I used to be afraid to use paper... but 5 pomegranate seeds on two pages of your notebook so delighted me that I 'got' that it's just paper!!!!!

And I love the quirky (to me) use of space on the page.

I also need to be reminded to look at the everyday things around me and to see them as subjects, and your posts do that.

Today's 'AHA' is your treatment of the background. Who would have thought (answer: Elizabeth) to make the background so interesting by leaving part of it unpainted?



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