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Spinning along, tracing an almost accidental pattern as it goes. Reminds me of those ideas which seem just beyond the reach of words and then suddenly clarify. "Ah, that's what I meant to say, all along."

And what I want to say, is "Thank you all." What an outpouring of creative responses! What a party!

Tomorrow I'd like to post a round up of links, so if you have a picture online and haven't mentioned it yet, please do! I'll also write down the names of those who participated and draw one of them out of the cap. And keep on drawing, if you can - no reason to end the party, just as we're having so much fun.


interesting. and very much what I'm going through right now as I try to put my dissertation to bed and am struggling to find out just what it is that I've been trying to say! Just last night, I decided I needed to finish saying it (i.e. write the last chapter) before I could write the introduction - to say what it is I'm GOING to say. . . . You really helped me to visualize AND verbalize that. (and yes, I'm continuing to draw, as well) Happy 1000 and beyond day!

Do we hear the drum rolling?

Elizabeth I have happily enjoyed your site since I first discovered blogs and hopefully can continue to do so for years to come. thank-you for being so inspirational.

Happy 1,000th Drawing Day! Sorry I'm late to the celebrations but it looks like you had a great party.

Hi Elizabeth - this is the post i wrote today re: your celebration


please accept my apology for the large scan i sent via email - in hindsight that wasn't a very good idea

i am not as techy as I'd like to be

took 3 tries for my post - ugh

loved being a part of your celebration

mother earth

thank you all so much.

Mother Earth, please don't worry: my computer has a big appetite and had no trouble accepting the scan :-)

I was simply blown away by the breadth and depth of response to the drawing party, and have resolved not to wait another 1000 days to throw another one.

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