reservoir jazz

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This evening we went to the park by the reservoir and ate a picnic supper while listening to a free jazz concert by Spirit on the Hill. Good crowd, good weather, good music.


Great sketch - and I'm always impressed that you vary from one small item on a 2 page spread - to a full border to border entry. What type of journals and paper do you use? I think I've assumed that they were ones you bound yourself.

Very nice. And difficult, I think. I've tried to do such scenes and always failed.

Thanks, Karen. For me the key was having lots and lots of time.

Shirley - I use journals I bind myself out of Lenox 100, a printmaking paper which is heavy enough to take whatever I do to it - it works well with wet media, but is smooth enough for pen and ink.

very nice! i like this!

I started viewing your daily visual celebrations post blogher, i read about you on emoms, i am a closet artist, collaging is my current medium. My younger days of drawing leaves me hungry, you are currently feeding that part of me - it's wonderful. This piece you did took me back to a Disney memory in 1976, summer jazz band feeling -isn't it cool what an image can prompt??

Thank you.

Mother Earth

At last - people!
Was getting a bit bored by the 'a tomato' 'my toenail clipping' ones. This is great - sense of place and atmos.

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