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A link round-up. So many people joined the drawing party, in one way or another. Where a blog or site was linked or mentioned, I've tried to share it below. If I missed anyone, or if you've only just posted your picture, please add a link to the comments on this post, and I will try to update it in a few days. I've added a comment to the comments on the drawing one thousand post, too.

In no particular order, then:

Drawing on Nature
Jen Lemen on BlogHer
Keep on Keepin' on
Theme Passion
Brian's Art Blog
arse Poetica
Anita Davies
Nic Wise
Kiyo's Tumblr
Rachel Perry Welty
Mary Klein
Karen Blados
Neither Pink Nor Pale
Durdjica Selec
Alan Knight
G's Cottage
My Brilliant Mistakes
Moving Right Along
Inner Bitch
My Life is but a Tapestry
Have a Good Sandwich
The Proper Prophet
yum yum cafe
Best of Mother Earth

Please explore and enjoy these sites, and thanks for making it such a great party!


I participated, but didn't put the drawing into my blog. Do that count?

Yes - and I thought I'd put you on the list. Thanks for letting me know so I could fix it!!!

I would love to be a part of the drawing party! If you could add me that would be great! Thank you, Kathy OH