pencil case

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This red leather case holds pens, pencils, brush pen, water brushes, my tiny paint set, and more. From time to time I pack it too full of things and think about getting something bigger - but after trying to carry more, I've always returned to this case again. Less is better. A larger case makes it too hard to find what I want. A larger case is something I'm less apt to tuck into my bag when I'm headed out the door.


I am irrationally pleased that this wasn't a "back to school" picture! Probably because we're unschoolers - maybe not so irrational after all.

I remember one of those "Murphy's Law" posters, and one of the laws was "A woman's belongings will expand to fill the contents of whatever purse she's carrying." Guess it's the same with art cases.

I love the way you use white space in your journal. I have a small design business, mostly newsletters, and my clients want to fill every bit of white with SOMETHING - which annoys the hell out of me.

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