nectarine and party plans

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Bought from a street vendor while running errands today. One of three, but the other two are long gone - shared en route.

Here's what I have in mind for the virtual celebration of one thousand drawings on Monday. I am inviting you to a distributed drawing party: sometime during the day Monday, please find a comfortable place, get a piece of paper and a pen and make a small drawing of something you see. Nobody needs to see it - the important thing is to have fun! O.k.? Maybe you can think of it as a party game, and then leave a comment on my 1000th drawing post to let me know you did that.


Question: Is it okay to use pencil? Wasn't sure if you were speaking in general terms or a specific set of rules.

Congratulations on 1000 daily drawings.

i will definetly participate tomorrow. Very inspirational!

Thanks, Deb. You're right, I was speaking in general terms. A pencil is fine - as are crayons, paints, and that old ball point pen in the box beside the telephone in the kitchen!

I'll definitely participate, even though I really can't draw. I thought for a moment of doing a collage, but it is your party and you make up the rules. Hee!

I am in. Congratulations!

me too!!

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