if you were in Edmonton today...

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Perhaps you went to see "WILL 100 ARTISTS PLEASE DRAW A 1950 FORD FROM MEMORY," a show curated by Anthony Easton after the 1977 drawing by Ed Ruscha, at the Art Gallery of Alberta. In it are 100 drawings of a 1950 Ford, one of them mine. (The show runs through January 6, 2008 - please drop me a line if you get to see it.)

The text running up the side of the picture reads, 1950: Ford truck on the horizon nine years before I was born.


Imagine drawing a 1950 Ford from 'memory'?! . . . . and the title! excellent. What a delicious whimsy. I enjoyed that.

PS - looking forward to the Monday celebration. You go, girl!

tammy salzl, who is another artist in the show, has some great images of the lecture up:


Thanks, Anthony!

I searched on Tammy Salzl's name and found the page:


Looks like a beautiful installation, too.

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