drawing one thousand

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People have been asking me what I planned to draw for my one thousandth drawing, and I've said that I wasn't sure, wouldn't be sure until I sat down to draw, because that's the way it works most days.

And that turned out to be true. I kept thinking that something important or significant would occur to me - something that would let me reflect on what I've been doing and what it has meant to me. But in the end, everyday life won. The sun was shining on the front porch, and I felt like sitting on the swing and looking at the sky and the house across the way.

An important part of this project has been the slowing down, the sitting down, the noticing. The individual drawings matter less to me now than the feeling of moments accumulated, the excuse to pause and daydream, to woolgather. I'm grateful for all these moments, for what I've been learning along the way, and for the community I've found online. Thank you all so much for your visits, your comments and your silences, your links, your questions, and your suggestions. Please know how much your presence means to me.

And I hope you can join me for the next 1000!

If you are joining the distributed drawing party, please add a comment to this post and let everyone know what you drew. (If the picture is somewhere where you can link to it, that's a wonderful extra treat for all of us. If that isn't possible, don't let it worry you!) Comments on this post will be open through midnight (Eastern daylight time, U.S.) tomorrow, September 25th. Welcome to the party. Cheers!


Beautiful! Congratulations on the achievement, and thank you so much for sharing as you go. :)

Fantastic, congratulations! I love what you're doing and just wrote about it on PicoCool:

Elizabeth, congratulations! I check your blog regularly and have even posted a few sketches on mine today.

Congratulations on your 1000th! I visit you daily and enjoy your drawings more than I can ever express to you.
In honor of your special day, I drew a picture of a fresh fig. A few days ago I asked the produce manager of the local supermarket if it would be possible for them to sell individual fresh figs for those of us single folks who would find it too wasteful to buy a basketful, but long for just 2 or 3. On my visit today, I was surprised and grateful to find a sign offering single, fresh figs for 69 cents each. I ate two and saved one to draw in your honor.

I drew, i posted a comment on the other post but yet again


its not brilliant but it really was good to use my eyes, as they were intended - for looking!

yeah!!! I've been checking all day to see the 1000th drawing. . . . and I did one, as well, in honor of the day:


"1000 pictures" - which is a picture of the wedding band my husband gave me just a few days ago to replace the one I lost this spring in the garden. . . . (yes - a play on 'a thousand words').

All the best wishes to you, Elizabeth, as you stop - slow - and ponder this lovely mile-marker. I agree: it's not so much the exact "wonderful" or spectacular picture, it's more the time taken to stop and ponder and 'woolgather'. Thanks for your inspiration. I think I needed it.

I adore your drawings!

Today, I drew a dream I had just before waking. I didn't draw it with a pencil on a pad, however. I drew it with words in a draft on my blog. The dream was a blessing. I haven't posted it yet. I'm going to edit a bit.

Does that count?
Best Regards
Rick, a clusterflocker.

Congratulations! I hope you will continue to share your wonderful inspirations with us. I started drawing just this year, and I have enjoyed doing daily entries into a journal that have given me a real sense of satisfaction! Today I drew my foot in a shoe!

Beautifully done! Congrats on 1000! That is a great milestone!

I have been enjoying your blog everyday since hearing you on the Saturday Light Brigade in June. You inspired me to start my own sketch blog. In honor of your one thousandth sketch -- congratulations! -- I posted my sketch from today here: http://pinknorpale.livejournal.com/
Thanks for the awesome drawings and the inspiration!

Dear Elizabeth, Thank you 1,000 times for your continuting inspiration. I remember e-mailing you approx. 6 month ago saying that I admired your discipline to put out a watercolor every day. And you responded that it was like eating chocolates -- you just had to do it.

I am basically an oil painter but truly love watercolor work. It is so charming and easier to do "on the road".

I try to do something creative everyday but due to health reasons have had to cut back. Your challenge to submit something in honor of your 1,000th day of painting has gotten me back to my work. I painted a creative a box of GENIUS cards in honor of my adorable grandson, Max, who loves an artistic challenge, as well as a physical one. The colors are ochres, purples and scarlets. I love the result, and I must review these cards before I visit him in Virginia in November. Good luck to you.

Elizabeth, congratulations on your one thousandth drawing and for sharing your wonderful blog with us! I so enjoy visiting. Beautiful!

Congratulations. I love your posts. It's always a surprise to see what the day will bring over here.

Just squeaked in my drawing of the partly filled bookcase in my office. I am a very rusty sketcher, but not as rusty as a year ago. I will photograph it and post in the morning.

Congratulations, Liz!

I started 3 sketches of my dog, because he loves the attention, but he's not so good at the staying still. So I sketched the cat instead; she was indifferent.

Well, it's 9:20 on the West coast, so I may have missed the posting deadline, but did want to Thank You for sharing, for inviting, for inspiring.

I woke up this morning to the view from my best friend's window here in Northern California- blue skies and canopies of trees... that's what I drew with the oil pastels that had gotten sadly dusty from lack of use.

It was the end of an amazing celebration weekend for both of us - and the first time we'd been able to spend that kind of time together since my son was born 3 1/2 years ago.

Thank you for inspiring me to soak in the first few minutes of a glorious morning now passed. I found your site by way of Christine Kane [whom we saw in Berkeley this Saturday]... I'm so glad to have found you! Count me in as a new fan!

Tina DiBetta

I very new to your site, a few weeks back I was doing a small study of contour lines and came across your work and like many I am totally hooked. I enjoy the variety, the color, the off balance composition, the beauty you bring to each composition and to do it every day -1,000-what an incredible accomplishment!Being a student, I do not have time to post my work but enjoyed
making a sketch tonight of kissing statue I have sitting nearby.

May you enjoy the many more blank pages to come!

Congratulations Liz! Just to let you know, I dedicated a post to you on my blog: http://drawingonnature.blogspot.com/ I drew Mokolii Island ... and felt it was appropriate to celebrate your 1000th! You really are an inspiration to me. Thank you!!!

Beautiful sketch and lovely thoughts....I feel the same way!

What a nice celebration to be a part of. I just drew my new green ESV Bible in honor of your 1000th posted drawing. Thanks for all the days! Each is a little celebration in itself =)

Congrats! I've enjoyed reading/viewing them over the last 6-9 months or so (my wife put me onto it).

As I'm on holiday at the moment (in gold coast, australia), I thought I'd give it a go. The results are here:


Thanks heaps!! :) :)

Congratulations , Elizabeth. I enjoy your drawings daily and so other your projects, too.I am looking forward to the next beautiful 1000 !
On my blog is post dedicated to you : http://sevenplums.blogspot.com/2007/09/autumn-haiku.html

Congratulations, Elizabeth!

Your work is beautiful and very touching. I've been visiting your blog daily since discovering it on the Blogger Show blog (http://thebloggershow.diggingpitt.com/artists/) and look forward to seeing each new piece.

In honor of this celebration and your 1000th piece, I drew the scene around my computer with a gel pen on a Post-it. I've stuck it in the scene now and may continue for a while - drawing each previous drawing into the new one.

Thanks for keeping and sharing such a great blog - and congrats again!

You rock. I made a little drawing on a sticky note of my desk with all the show announcements for this fall. It won't be posted anywhere, but it's on a Post-It; close enough?

Mine's up and linked. Be kind.

Congratulations on this milestone! I drew a pen I got as a souvenir from Mexico last month. It's a wooden señor with a sombrero, little wooden arms and the Mexican flag draped over one arm. I'll try to post it later.

I drew and posted yesterday--before you posted 1000. What an accomplishment. Because I came to the party a day early, I wanted to come again today and say the word "draw" inspires me to pull something out of myself-- as to draw water from a pump. Thank you for reminding me to stop and look.

Wow! Congratulations on 1000 posts. I just found your blog by following a link on Joan Yoshioka's site and I am so glad I did. You are very talented ... I really like the simplicity of a lot of your drawings. I'll be visiting your site again!

Wow! Congratulations. I thought I was doing well (my first blog birthday) but that really is SOME achievemnet. I don't know really how I've missed your blog - I thought I'd seen every drawing blog there was to see! - because I certainly know the name. I will visit more often from now. You create wonderful work. Congratulations again, Andrea.

I drew my hand cuz it was the closest thing next to at my desk ;)

I'll post it here tomorrow:


Congrats, Elizabeth! I have not drawn anything except very simple things for my boys in a long time! In your honor today, I drew the detritus from my oldest pouring himself into Halo 3 - the snack wrappers, game case, half-empty water bottle... the stuff of his life today! Thanks for helping me see it with new eyes.

Congratulations on your 1000th drawing.Your work has been an inspiration to keep drawing and painting.This year I have managed to paint a picture once a week for my own satisfaction plus a few sketches as well.Thanks again for your inspiration.Some of my efforts can be seen at www.waltonartclub.co.uk Keep up the good work.

What joy in all these comments! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your work.

Sara - Thank you so much for being part of it all.

Emily Chang - What an amazing call-out from PicoCool! Thanks.

Kate - great to see the sketches you shared on you blog and the paintings, and the tapestries - my goodness.

Opal - your story of the single fig made me smile - and I'm honored that you drew one. We have a
fig tree in our yard, but because of Pittsburgh's winters (and because of squirrels) we don't have a reliable harvest.

Tom - I love your composition here, and the color is really juicy!

prophet - your drawing and your ring story complement each other so well - thank you for sharing them.

Rick - of course your dream counts!

Betty Wilkins - I'm so glad you started drawing this year - isn't it fun? And I love the thought of your foot in a shoe.

Thanks, Brian.

Melissa - I'm a giant fan of the Saturday Light Brigade - and to think that you started a sketchblog after my call in June, Wow!

Alice Morison - your box of GENIUS cards sounds beautiful - ochres and purples together, what a rich combination..

arse poetica - Thanks!

Christina - sleeping dogs don't know they're getting the attention, so they stay still longer. I've never drawn a cat, as I'd be sneexing instead.

Tina - your day and your drawing sound extraordinary - what a landscape, and what a day to remember.

Ricci - thanks for your good wishes, and best of luck in your studies!

Joan - the post was wonderful, and the admiration and inspiration mutual.

Anita, thank you so much.

katy - I'm so glad you were part of the celebration as well.

Nic Wise - thank you - how wonderful to be on holiday. As our days get shorter and colder in the northern hemisphere, I love watching the signs of spring emerge in drawings from New Zealand and Australia.

JaKo - Seven Plums is such a beautiful blog - thank you for your kind words and for the work that you share.

Mary Klein - I love the idea of your post-it note series - makes me think of the Eames "Powers of 10" film - dizzying and delightful.

rpw - another posted post-it and desk drawing... you and Mary might collaborate...

Deb - how cool that you could just trust the process and go with it the way you did - your bookcase has the feel of a quiet moment. Tell me, though, however do you keep a bookcase only partly filled? Books find me and fill every empty space and surface. (I can make empty spaces in my drawings, but they are far harder to find in my house.

Laura Brown - I hope you can post the souvenir pen picture - I'm having fun imagining it from your description.

S.H.P. - thank you. I think you are the one who originally taught me that the well keeps refilling from below, even as you draw from it.

Karen Blados - thank you so much for your wishes - please come back, any time!

Andrea - Congratulations to you on your one year anniverary - your sketchblog is breathtaking.

Djuro - I never draw my left hand, being left-handed, but always my right - so it's like looking in the mirror to see your drawing.

Caren - my middle son will be madly jealous of your Halo 3 set-up. Now he has another reason to add to the lengthening list of why we should get it: because I will be able to draw him playing.

Alan - congratulations on painting once a week, your work is beautiful.