drawing a number

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And it is 29.

I numbered the comments and put each number on a piece of paper, put the folded papers into a hat, and shook it. Paused to be thankful for everyone's participation, and pulled one paper out.

And then it only seemed appropriate to draw the drawn number for the drawing drawing.

So the winner of the drawing drawing is Djurdjica Selec, who posts from Dakovo, Croatia.

The promised round up of links will come tomorrow, as I closed the laptop and read aloud to the children tonight, instead.


This is one of the nicest, unexpected, beautiful serendipity that I experienced!
Thank you Elizabeth! Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart! You brightened up my morning and will brighten up my room wall!
I'm so happy! Happy happy!

Your comment conveyed your joy. I am happy for you.

How cool that the drawing is going so far away. 'Cause in blogland none of us is very far away.

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