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This Monday, September 24th, will be my one thousandth consecutive day of daily drawing and posting to this blog. So I'm planning a virtual celebration, and you are all invited.

More details to come in the next day or so...



What an accomplishment, congratulations!

What a milestone! Thank you, Elizabeth -- for your good work and for your persistence.

Congratulations! I stumbled across you, looking for an image to illustrate 'all-nighter' - studying, that is - and found one of your drawings that was so perfect. . . . (and linked it - hope you don't mind)

I'll enjoy looking through your other work as well. Thanks! and all the best. Keep looking, drawing & 'being' - ah (had to look) and thinking, of course, too!

Oooh, I can't wait. I love virtual celebrations.

Big congrats!


Hope this is the right place to post this.

I thought of your invitation literally all day. Thank you for including me. I wish I had more time to draw, I can see how the practice of daily drawing is a true commitment - many more congrats to you. I sat with an ivory-ish piece of paper and did a gesture drawing of 2 chairs side by side. Brown marker with orange quiggles. I like how it turned out for the few moments I gave it. Making dinner calls my attention now - thanks for the creative respite.
I can send it - I suppose - scan ? I am not very good at that, but will if you like - a gift. Hey are you in Ontario?

Mother Earth

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