cafe lights

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Drawn this afternoon while we drank coffee and our daughter ate ice cream.

(For those of you who follow Twitter, you can now catch my tweets at elizabethperry. In the past couple of days, I've begun posting a description of the sounds in my environment from my iPhone, to see if I can use the device to help me be more connected to my immediate surroundings. Received wisdom says that mobile phones and music players insulate us from what's around us - I wonder if it's possible to notice more, instead.)


I find that I notice more, esp. with a camera phone.


They say the same thing about cameras -- "You won't *see* things on your vacation if you are taking pics of them the whole time."

Au contraire -- I see more at the time, and even more when I get home and see what the camera recorded that I didn't notice at the time.....

I love the idea of reversing your iPhone's energy.

I use my camera phone to focus my attention on miniature worlds all around me.

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