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Outside an open window at night. I think Amelanchier laevis is the proper name, but locally it's called Juneberry or serviceberry. A woodland shrub or small tree, with white flowers on the branches in spring, then purple berries (good in muffins, if you can beat the birds to them) in early summer, and the leaves are golden yellow in the fall. Two of them thrive on the north side of our house. When it rains, I hear the water falling on these leaves as I am waking up.


I love the simplicity of this. It's the funny little things that make up home...the way the sunlight falls on a certain area at a certain time of year, the sound the wind makes as it whistles through a well worn crack or as with you; the sound of rain falling on the branches... a Tiffany stained glass window on the world outside your kitchen...

This one is so elegant. Beautiful!

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