bayberry twig

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A long row of bayberry bushes is planted at the sidewalk edge of a supermarket parking lot. Walking past, I picked first a leaf, which I crushed and breathed in, and then this twig to bring home for a drawing. Bayberry is a scent that reminds me from childhood of hot July days and the smells of walking to the beach. Bayberry is also the scent of remembered Christmases, of tiny bayberry candles with faded tissue paper frills on them. So it seems right that I should have found this today, almost midway between the seasons.


This is beautiful.

I love your blog and watercolors! Do you bind your own sketchbooks? I'm having a hard time finding a hardbound sketchbook with good watercolor paper.

Thanks, Max.

Robert - I do bind my own sketchbooks. It makes it affordable to get exactly the size and kind of paper I like. I have more info on my materials in a post from last year:

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