1000 Days - One Minute

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Some Friday fun.


WOW! Thanks for sharing!

That gave me a headache but it was awesome. Really fun to see so many that I really remembered flash by, and so quickly.



Wonderful, fun presentation!

So THAT'S what it looks like to see your life flash before your (our) eyes ...

Wow, that's dizzying. I remember you showing me your book when we had breakfast at the hotel at SXSW a couple of years ago and being impressed; I've been following along ever since, and am even more impressed that you've reached this milestone. Congratulations!

Liz --
You make it all look so easy -- what a wonderful collection. Keep it up. It inspires all of us!

you should put that on youtube! I really enjoyed watching it. If you want to stick it on my youtube account just let me know, I will do it for you.

Thanks, all. I had fun putting it together.

Emmy, this version is hosted over on blip.tv:


I find the quality better on blip.tv, but since you asked, it's on youtube now, too:


Have a great weekend!

Wow. You are so clever. I had to exit RSS and open directly in a browser to get the video. I mention that in case you have anyone else say they only get the sound.

Thanks for visiting my drawing.

Congratulations on your 1000th entry! And what a way to celebrate it...it was so much fun watching and I agree with Laura...it must be something like that when they say you see your life flashing before your eyes...even the music added to the feel. Well done and a happy next 1000, I'd like to join in for the ride..

Wow -- 1000! That's awesome -- what a fun video to watch, too! :-) Congratulations, and thanks for the inspiration.

Very well done, Liz!!! That was exceptional!!!

That was amazing. I've never seen anything like it. I can't wait to show my kids. You are an inspiration.

What fun! Congratulations on your 1,000 drawings.


I loved this! What a way to show your accomplishment.

So inspiring to watch. It felt like life flashing before my eyes, but possibly future life not past. All the things I might see, or perhaps all those I might miss.

It was fun to hit the pause button every now and again to see what it stopped on, and enjoy a moment with that image.

Thanks for sharing.

That was such an inspiration. I found your glasses entry on the EDM Superblog. I had never come across your blog on there before. It looks like you have been doing the Everyday Matters concept for years.I haven't posted anything since May, and I feel so guilty now. No time like the present to get started.

Thank you, so much.

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