wrapped violin

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Went to the Austin Museum of Art after lunch today (fantastic enchiladas at the Taco Shack on Brazos - but I digress) and spent some time losing track of time at the current show: Christo and Jeanne Claude: The Wurth Museum Collection. I asked if there were any restrictions on drawing in the galleries, and was told that drawing was fine, just no photographs. So after looking around, I stood and drew, and then stood and painted, and thought a little about wrappings and representations. And then somehow it was more than an hour later and I needed to walk back for the last couple of presentations at the conference.


Hey. I just came across your site while I was googling in "fire escapes." I'm not quite sure if you're drawing/sketching for fun or maybe you're an artist yourself? but i really like few of your water color drawings and the contour line drawings. I'm currently a student here in NY..my last year :). well take care.

Stunning! As are all your paintings. Great work!

Hey, that's where I'll be installing my work in May! Wish I'd known and I could have had you scope out my proposed space.

It's always a pleasure to come and see your new entries... always inspiring! :)

This is a great drawing! :o)

Thank you all. The show was a good one - but I also just needed to get out of the convention center and be in a different kind of place for a while...

One of my very favorites --so delicately sensitive and just scrumptious.