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"California?" asked my husband. "No, partly Gloucester, and partly that corner of my study." "Oh, a mash-up." More a dreamscape, I think... but fun to think about different places at the same time. (Click for a larger view.)


Husbands ... such supportive souls. 'Mash-up' indeed!

I think that it is wonderful.

I think he meant it as a compliment! We've been talking a lot about re-mixes, lately - aesthetic or procedural re-combinations of things.

I'm glad you like it, though. And thanks for jumping to my defense.

Wonderful! I love your perspective in this and what is a room without a view, even if you have to create the view you want. :o)

Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your work! It's delightful to read your entries and see how you've translated your thoughts and art together. Keep up the good works!

These are great, I absolutely LOVE the ones you did of the two windows at night a while back,too.