three carrots

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Three carrots left from an afternoon snack, uneaten because they were "cut the wrong way." Remember when that was so important? (I still like cut carrots better than the rounded ones from the store, so I suppose I'm sympathetic - besides, it gave me something to paint this evening.)


Elizabeth, you've inspired me to make my own sketchbook. I just love the way yours looks. (Maybe I should just send mine to you, let you paint in it, then send it back to me when it's full. Hmmm...)

I'm so happy to hear that! I can recommend Gwen Diehn's chapter, "The reluctant bookbinder," in her book THE DECORATED JOURNAL. It is full of sensible and non-intimidating advice. Some of the other books I've read on bookbinding make it sound much more complicated (and expensive). Diehn seems to realize that the point is the journal-keeping, and helps you get there as fast as possible, with your choice of the best materials for you.