panel discussion

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This was not the best panel discussion of the conference, so I began to draw the audience, instead.


BEST use of perspective possible! Drawing the audience is just great. And I really like that this ends up all line and contour.

nice sketch! i'm going to try one of those at my next "all hands" meeting


It was a real pleasure having breakfast with you this morning at the hotel. Pays to open my mouth in the elevator. :-) Thanks for the encouragement.

This *almost* looks like a back view of me and a woman I was speaking with before and after the "Whose Butts do Women Need to Kick" panel, except that I think we had an empty seat between us. :-)

Thanks. Actually, this group was talking about viral marketing...

I met you at the end of this panel and briefly saw your drawing. Thank you for giving me your business card - I absolutely love your site and your collection of drawings!

Catherine, thank you so much.

I've added to my RSS reader - don't want to miss the next installment of Invitation to Madness - it's great! So glad we exchanged cards in passing at SxSW.