ocean stone

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Another morning of vacation, another big piece of paper to paint on...


Wow--Liz, I love the perspective--like I am ready to dive off of a cliff--but I don't feel precarious, just a soothing feeling. Have you seen Hockney's swimming pools? I think he is showing at the MFA right now (you know he loved R's work, BTW) another person you should look at is Joel Janowitz http://www.joeljanowitz.com/oilpaintings.html
look at "first jump" --I think there's some overlap here....
way to go!

This looks like you are looking down off one of our (I live in N. Cal.)headlands into the ocean. Nice job.

I hope you don't mind, but I am looking back over some of your pervious post for tips and inspiration for my own art. There are so many WONDERFUL ideas. I loved your 7 minute paintings, great way to escape the inner critic. I also like it that your art is done in so many mediums.

Did I say "Thanks for Sharing"?



Maria - I've always loved Hockney's paper pools. Thanks for the Joel Janowitz link - I hadn't seen his work before.

Tami - the painting was inspired by a Northern California view, among other things... I'm glad you are enjoying the archives! (And you may want to check out Danny Gregory's website www.dannygregory.com and the affiliated Yahoo!Group for even more inspiration.)

I am part of the EDM group, that was kind of where I started, there or illistration Friday. Great places for inspiration. Unfortunately, I am still only looking, one of these days I will set up a blog so that I can join in posting my progress. I love that fact that people of all diffrent skill levels participate. I guess I am old fashioned, but I prefer the drawing done by hand to the photoshop generated ones.