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A new week and more big paper. (38" x 50")


Mmmmmm- this is great--I'd love to see it up close--there's probably much more going on that gets lost in translation. It feels so cold, yet not bleak. Wonderful!


Again, I have been pouring back over your past years drawings, it is amazing how much you can feel a connection with someone when they share such trival details form their every day life with you. Maria is a wonderful cheering voice from the side lines also! I am seriously concidering committing to doing what you are doing - a drawing a day, I am doing something with art almost everyday now, but I like the committment idea. I know with photography the concept of "just shoot and shoot and shoot" works, you start getting out of the safety zone. I see that in your work. By the way, it isn't just the drawings it is also your "voice" that I like. You savor the details of life.



Thank you all.

Tami, by all means jump on in! Blogger and Wordpress both have free versions... if you are inclined to share your daily work. (hint, hint) I find that posting each day's drawing - however I feel about the result - lets me connect with a larger community, and the public commitment keeps me going on days when I might otherwise decide to skip. Then those days I learn unexpected things... (Judging from your email address, you might be on the west coast - do you know about the BlogHer convention in July in San Jose? ( I'll be speaking on a panel about artist's blogs and blogs as art. The conference will bring together a diverse group of women who are enthusiastic about blogging, podcasting, and other keen stuff.)

Thanks, Elizabeth, I did join up with blogger
this evening. I up loaded a photo but haven't taken any pictures of my sketch pad yet.Probably will tackle that one tomorrow. Again, that is mainly due to reading the post on your blog. I am in Northern California, and I would be very interested in attending. I will check out the site.


Your blog is worth sharing. Would you mind if I used one of your images in my newsletter this month...maybe this one? I'm impressed with your work and with your consistency. I like what's emerging over time. Please let me know...


Durga, thank you.

I'd be honored. You are welcome to use the image, and I'd be delighted to have you link to the site.