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Today's painting on big paper (50" x 38"). I was enjoying the feeling of sweeping my arm across the page. That gesture, repeated, evolved into the cup of coffee, done from memory and imagination. (Click on the image for an enlargement.)



I have been reading your blog for about a month now. I find it very inspirational! I enjoy your ability to see beauty in the simpelist things. I do really love this coffee cup painting. Maybe one of these days I will get off the small scale and paint something of size, in the meantime I am enjoying your stuff. I have found that drawing everyday becomes a habit and with practice I have become better. When I think there is nothing to draw all I have to do is look back at one of your old posts for a few minutes and I realize that I am just not looking with open eyes.



Tami, thanks! Wonderful to hear that you are drawing every day. I get inspired reading comments like yours...

Big work just takes an empty wall or a door and some pushpins or tape. I found my giant paper (Lenox 100) on sale at Daniel Smith online, and at $2.97 for a sheet I figure that it costs less than the Sunday paper for a whole lot of fun.