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This eucalyptus branch still has the smell of California about it, even after sitting in the bottom of a suitcase for two weeks. (Finally got around to unpacking.)

Having fun thinking about negative space on the page.

apple and blue bowl



Snow mixes with freezing rain outside. I was listening (or half listening) to Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings" on the radio as I painted this. January and the days are longer and longer, but too soon to think much of spring.




At night. The incandescent light made the colors more saturated. Before I was quite done, the youngest member of the household really really really needed to eat one of them.




This little pinwheel sits on the shelf above the stove in a small bottle with a collection of broken and burnt bamboo skewers.




Think about hearing the ocean in winter.

28 days

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and28 sketches.

I got a new notebook two days after Christmas and have made a drawing every day since then. Here is a little slideshow:

Things are drawn from life, either with a gel pen or with watercolor pencils or watercolor crayons or some combination of them. Most pages also have a little bit of text on them - the date and maybe a title or a note about my process that day. Don't know what I will draw tonight, but I will post another group of pictures when I have them.