March 31, 2002

The template for this page

The template for this page is borrowed, since if I waited until I built my own from scratch, I might never get to it. So thank you to Martijn ten Napel for a nice clean design.

(The photo is an old one - I'm the girl on your right, the oldest sister.)

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In knitting you can make a gauge

In knitting you can make a gauge to test a pattern, play with colors, and see how many stitches you'll get to the inch. Once you start the project itself, you're committed - you may increase or decrease or add a gusset or decide that it's a sweater for someone completely different or perhaps it's going to become a hat and not a sweater after all - but rarely do you rip the whole thing out and start again.

I'd like to treat this web log like knitting. A place to play, to try things out, to gather some thoughts as I go along.

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Casting on...

Casting on...

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