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Oak leaf hydrangea

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I have a new camera.

More practice

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Today I'll try to change my template, just for fun. First I'll pick one of the pre-formatted ones, and then I may try to tweak it a bit... and then see if I can import my old entries from Blogger.

Another new entry


nothing to add, much.

Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation conceived...well they brought it forth.

First MT entry

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Mr. Watson, come here. I need you.

So said Alexander Graham Bell in the first phone conversation... this is not a phone conversation, but... random text to fill out a first Movable Type blog entry.

Test Entry

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This is a new entry to test your Movable Type installation.

We have installed Movable Type on your server, and have configured the paths for the initial blog in the system per your request. We have not modified the default Movable Type templates at all; if you wish to do so, you may find the Default Styles to be of interest. You can also edit the templates themselves; more information on template tags and customization is in the manual.

You may delete this entry whenever you wish.

Engaging video


Want to procrastinate? Check out this creative engagement announcement.

Hum a few bars


Just a quick note: Bill Spencer tipped me off to this latest development in the continuing struggle between the music industry and creative pirates.

"And about time, too," he adds.