August 22, 2006

now available: selected days: 2005

I've collected 25 drawings from last year, along with the corresponding blog entries, and have published a small softcover book of them. It costs $19.95, and is available for purchase online - as of today! The drawings are reproduced at actual size, so that reading the entries can be as close as possible to the experience of browsing through a series of sketchbooks.

Self-publishing is very different from working with an editor and a publishing house, but it has the advantage of being rapid. I am using the print-on-demand service available at, and the process has been straightforward enough that I'll probably do it again with a selection of this year's drawings in early 2007. Meanwhile, if you'd like to see what my drawings were like last year, and if you'd like an object to hold in your hand, please click on the link in the sidebar and buy my new book! (If you just like my words, and would like to read more of them, you could buy the children's book I wrote: Think Cool Thoughts, as well. Linda Bronson did the illustrations for that one.)

Posted by EGP at August 22, 2006 10:39 PM

This is awesome! I love that you've done this. Good luck!

Posted by: Denise at August 23, 2006 7:15 AM