June 12, 2006



Free rides on the new carousel in the park this weekend. The line was long, but because we moved forward half a dozen yards at once every time the merry-go-round stopped, we were able to wait. My daughter wasn't sure she would be able to sit by herself, but I stood behind her - without touching - and she was proud and fine.

Every animal on this carousel is different; most go up and down. If you are near the beginning of the group when it is let into the ride, you can choose: triceratops, horse, dragon, dolphin, seahorse, eagle, pig, camel, and giraffe, among others. A bench is available for those who would like to be very still, and a carnival-teacup-sized merry-go-round on the carousel deck is there for those who would like to spin themselves faster - circles within circles. If you are one of the last of the group let onto the ride, you take whatever creature you can get, and the adults hope there are no tears. Fortunately the ostrich was acceptable.

Afterwards we went to the library summer reading spectacular for face-painting and summer book club sign-up, and then came back to a table near the carousel to draw. I sketched in pencil and then painted from those notes and a snapshot.

Posted by EGP at June 12, 2006 12:16 AM

oh I love this Elizabeth, the watery sketchiness of it is just beautiful, your color choices too, the bronze and greenish golds with the greens and blues, those touches of reds and rust, the ornamentation, the giraffe, dragon, you've captured it all so wonderfully!

Posted by: Cin at June 12, 2006 8:53 AM