April 26, 2006



When my hands are really dry, as they are today, the bottle of hand lotion takes on a celestial glow - the aura of a distant desert mirage - an apparition of impossible delight, promising to quench - um... no, no, no. it's just that typing on a laptop and moisturizer don't mix well, so I can't put on any more until I'm done making up this entry.

Posted by EGP at April 26, 2006 10:58 PM

Cute! You have taught me to draw anything that is in front of me through silly little pictures like this, thanks! Some where back a ways you made a comment,to the effect, that with drawing everyday, you aren't as stress about how things come out because there is always tomorrows drawing to do. I have found that is so true, it has also allowed me to try out so many diffrent mediums that I probably wouldn't have tried if I wasn't drawing everyday (even when I really am too tired to do it!). Thanks again, your inspiration helped me to find something in myself that I didn't realize that I had. It has been a month and I haven't missed a day!

May your pen ever be full of ink!!!

Posted by: Tami at April 27, 2006 11:25 AM