April 09, 2003
making the news

Dan Gillmor, who brought us journalism 101, and a discussion of the ways that journalism is moving from lecture to conversation, is working on a book to be called Making the News. He has posted the working outline of the project and invites readers to contribute, suggest, criticise. The outline itself is a summary of many recent moments in the rise of the new ways of sharing and distributing news and commentary. He's a good storyteller and his outline is a very readable survey. If you combine a reading of this with, say, the recent post on the social software neighborhood by Elizabeth Lane Lawley, you'll get a snapshot of this rapidly-changing field.

Weblogs are in the news and weblogs are shaping the news.

As old media concentrates itself in fewer and fewer hands, new media - sloppy, quick, careful, thorough - exchanges and accretes and builds our knowledge in very different ways. It's The Cathedral and the Bazaar again - or open source journalism, but it is happening more and more and faster and faster...

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