February 20, 2003

interactive collages, continued

Phillip Buehler's Quicktime panorama: Self Portrait with My Grandmother, 1952 & 1999 joins past and present on the S. S. United States. The panorama sweeps across the ship's rusted hulk. A man in shorts sits on some derelict piece of equipment. As the panorama moves past him, you notice a black and white photo of a woman standing at the rail. The man's gaze is away from us, towards the woman in the past. No special attempt is made to blend the distinction between past and present. The present is panoramic, digital, rusting. The past is bounded, palpable, and new. They are separate; they regard one another.

I was moved by the artist's discovery of his grandfather's height. In order to blend the 1999 image with the 1952 photo, he had to position his camera so the angles of the two images matched exactly. He had to set his tripod where his grandfather stood, and raise it to the same height...

Posted by EGP at February 20, 2003 10:05 PM