February 18, 2003

collective art?

Steven Berlin Johnson writes in Slate about new collective games (performance pieces? scavenger hunts? interactive experiences?) being played out either with cell phones on city streets or entirely online. The real and the virtual begin to blur when in his own weblog he writes of getting a phone call (on an unlisted number) from a fictional game character within hours of the Slate article being published.

I can't quite get my mind around the many directions of these dispersed projects. I get dizzy thinking of the possibilities. I'm reminded of Janet Cardiff's video and audio tours. Then what happens when you mix in GPS and geocaching? And blogs and moblogs?

I didn't mark the sites (and BoingBoing seems to be down today) but I remember reading about a GPS sketching project (here it is) where participants created virtual drawings by driving a car from point to point and logging their position with a GPS device.

So... as a culture we have these new spaces to explore. New processes of abstraction. New ways to reflect and communicate our experiences. I descend into generality (but it's either that or make a sharp turn into high theory) because I don't have any specific projects to offer.


Posted by EGP at February 18, 2003 3:56 PM