February 10, 2003

fill in the blanks

Office supplies delight me - what could be so full of possibility and hope as a blank sheet of paper or a new box of index cards? I used to love to look at the different kinds of ledgers. Knowing nothing about accounting, I'd be drawn in by the crossed single and double colored lines, the variable-width columns, the eye-ease green. Even paper-bound record books had a nineteenth-century stateliness and order about them, the implication that all information could be organized, catalogued, contained. I'd go in and try to find the perfect notebook, or set of folders, or manila envelopes with windy strings and buttons to close them. And each time I'd imagine that the right kind of paper would transform my habits.

Now the internet offers me a chance to make my own - at one-twelfth scale. Perhaps now I can devise a minute filing system, a new model for organizing my life on paper.

Posted by EGP at February 10, 2003 11:10 PM