December 29, 2002

The robot movie on line.

Thomas planned it, created all the animation movements, performed the music, and wrote (dictated) the credits.

Technical notes: This was made using my digital still camera on a tripod. Thomas set up the scene. He moved the robot a bit, I took a picture, he moved it more, I took another, and so on. 64 photos. We used iPhoto to capture the photos, and then exported the whole batch resized at 640 x 480 pixels each to a folder on the desktop. Then we opened iMovie and imported the picture files. The images were out of order, but we could use the photo numbers in the file names to get them right. We dragged each one into the movie's timeline. The default length of each imported still frame in iMovie is 5 seconds. In preferences, iMovie won't let you make the default length of your stills less than half a second, which is too slow for convincing motion. Argh. But it would let us change the lengths one still at a time. So that's how we did it. We changed the duration of each still to 2 frames (1/15th of a second) (time code changed from 00:05:00 to 00:00:02) - so that the result feels like a 15-frame-per-second animation. A little jerky, but hey, it's a robot. Then we added sound effects and transitions and titles. Lastly, Thomas improvised some music on Piper's new electronic toy keyboard, which we recorded directly into iMovie, using the computer's built-in mic. When he was satisfied with the result, we finished the movie using the Export as Quicktime feature. I put the file on the web, and there it was.


Posted by EGP at December 29, 2002 11:23 PM