August 26, 2002

5 x 4

I just finished a small project in Flash, 5 x 4, an image/poem which can be navigated in multiple directions, making some kind of sense whichever way you go through it.

5 x 4 grew out of an exercise at the Banff New Media Institute this summer. We had three hours to take pictures with a disposable camera, and then using as many as twenty of our images, we were to design an interactive project and present it as a storyboard. I had been thinking about writers like Italo Calvino and Raymond Queneau, and so decided to try to organize my words and images to be read and viewed either in four separate sequences or in five groups of four. Fun with permutations.

No apologies: the pictures are what they are - snaps from a disposable camera. The poem is equally un-retouched. (And the uncredited background music is me messing around on the piano, recorded by Mark, and then edited by me.)

Posted by EGP at August 26, 2002 11:43 PM