Yes, I'm still here, and have still been drawing daily. I will post all the drawings from Day 3082 through Day 3144 as soon as we're moved in and settled.

Today is a day in transit, the beginning of a new adventure as we move to London for the year, and I've decided to mark it by shifting the format of my work a little bit. I've gotten frustrated with working across/against/around the fold in my little hand-bound sketchbooks, so I've decided to draw on flat sheets of paper for a while. The pages are still the same size as a two-page spread in the sketchbooks, torn down from a larger sheet of the same kind of paper (Lenox 100), but I will be able to use the whole space more easily. Or so I imagine. We'll see.

Maybe I'll go back to books again in the new year, or when I return to Pittsburgh... or maybe this is just how the project is evolving.

Thank you for bearing with me through the gaps, and I look forward to seeing where the next 3144 days of drawing every day take me.



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