from the ferry


En route to Bainbridge Island - sun shining, and a beautiful day.


My daughter used to play water polo against the Bainbridge team when we lived in Tacoma--why are you in Washington?? Vacation? Glad you get to see some sun!! We live in Ashland, OR now and here we had two gorgeous days of 74 degree, Saturday, it's back to snow...good thing you are missing it. Karen

I want to go to there!

I grew UP on Bainbridge Island. Color me jealous that you are there and I am not. Tell it I said hi please?

Shoot! Here you were right in my neighborhood and I didn't even know it! Would have loved to have met you!

Ohhhhh. I love it. Reminds me of my trip to Whidbey Island a few years ago. I love the PNW. My favorite countryside in all the states.


It was a spectacular, if brief, visit. A two-day marketing junket courtesy of Nintendo, and then an extra day to visit family in the area. I'd love to go back anytime...



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