Tomorrow I have volunteered to teach some middle school students four useful knots.  One of them is the bowline - a loop which won't slide or come undone. (I had to learn to tie a bowline as a kid, so that I'd be allowed to take the rowboat out into the cove.)


My favorite knot! I too learned it as a kid and then in an Outward Bound program on boats I had to learn to tie it with my eyes closed and behind my back. But I'm not sure I can do it inverted. I always "set it up" the same way.

Though I turned the finished knot around for making the drawing, I set it up facing the other way, too. And tell myself the story of the bunny running around the tree. My godmother can tie a rapid version, no rabbits involved, and once she showed me, but I've forgotten now. (She also beat my mother in a race to tie the knot fastest - no mean feat, that.)

Classic knot. I used to make my little scouts race using the bowknot. They would have to tie two lines together in the middle using their knot of choice, and then race to the ends of the now-joined line and tie a bowline, then lean backward and support each other, relying the strength of their knots.




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