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Six years ago today, I started drawing every day to see what I could learn - about drawing, and about sitting still to look at the things around me. After 28 days, I began posting the daily drawings here, and I've been doing that ever since. Odd to realize that more than a tenth of my life has been chronicled this way, in gestures and small moments. I'm grateful to be part of a larger community - grateful for those who visit quietly and those who comment, for those I know well in my daily life and for those I've gotten to know online.  Thank you all. 


Elizabeth, Congrats on six years of drawing and blogging your drawings. I love the work, keep it up.

Congratulations! I love your blog!

Your blog is a quiet but vital part of each morning's wake up the muse routine. It's been my experience that the best days are composed of "gestures and small moments." Happy blogiversary!

Hooray! Congratulations!
Lizi (huge fan)

Congratulations on the 6 years! You are an inspiration!

Thank you for bringing peace to my mornings. May you have many more years of joy.

Glad I found your blog. Checking your daily drawing has rapidly become part of my routine.

You are an inspiration to me! Thank you for sharing your work and hearty congratulations on the 6 years!

Woolgathering is the homepage in my browser :-)


Thank you for sharing your inspirations with us. Although I only came across your blog about one year ago, I have since been looking forward to reading your blog everyday. Congratulations for 6 years of great effort !

Thank you for showing us the importance of looking and being aware of our surroundings. Your drawings and sketches never cease to delight. Here's to the next six years, may the gods be gentle...

Thank you, Elizabeth, for your daily intention.

I am hugely grateful to you for your precisely planted pen strokes and carefully chosen words which make me smile and laugh and think!



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