From memory.  Wild sky today, as we headed to school - pink and blue behind the shadowed city skyline.


Our sunrises have been crazy-beautiful lately, so much so that I want to call my friends and family and wake them up and tell them to go outside and L*O*O*K.

FYI - I enjoy your art journaling online so much that have it saved to my homepage. It makes me more apt to keep up with my own journaling (life keeps getting in the way) and inspiring me to do more painting, drawing, writing, etc. And you are right-on about sunsets/sunrises ANYWHERE are awesome! They are poignant reminders of who's in charge. Thank you for sharing!

Mmmnnnnnn, fun! And I love how the left-hand page is reflecting the pinky glow of your sunset. Did you paint it?

Thanks. And nope, didn't paint the left page - just a reflection, or light in the room at the time.

A bonus effect, then. It's charming.



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