maple leaves


Just beginning to show their brightest colors, this week.


Gorgeous color and blending....can't decide if I like the leaf itself or the shadow best. Did you draw it first and fill it in or just paint? Karen

Thanks! I'm infatuated with the fine point nib on my new fountain pen. So I drew first, and then decided to play with color.

this is one of the things I miss by living in Central California....the fall foliage and the season changes.


What do you use to add color? Gouache? Watercolor? Any particular brand, brush, technique? I'm reallty inspired by your drawings. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, Kaylee. I'm using M. Graham gouache colors, squeezed into a tiny Altoids tin palette and let dry, with a Niji waterbrush. The M.Graham colors re-wet well, and I can create washes with them or use less water and let the colors be more opaque. The whole set-up is very portable, and I can get a great range of effects from the gouache. (The pen is my new Pilot 78G, with Noodler's Ink - a waterproof black ink made for using in fountain pens.)



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