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One of the lovely things about having older children, is that some nights they make dinner, and we parents can both sit and read for a little while after work.  (Oldest son works here and made kubideh for us tonight.)


Thank you so much for fixing the gray box and making it go away. Missed you very much but thought it was my computer which has contracted a virus and I couldn't see much of anything ithout notices of all the fall problems it has infected me with (all the while offering to fix my 'problems' for only $59.99 plus...)Karen

Thanks for sharing the link to your son's work place. What an enlightened concept! I love the skyped meal. And I bet the kubideh was delicious. BTW, this painting made me smile as soon as I saw it. I can just imagine you sitting back watching your son cook a wonderful meal.

What great concepts: the one of the "konflict Kitchen" and the one of "having a son who makes dinner".



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