early autumn


Trees across the field are just beginning to turn. We're visiting family today, and enjoying different views.



Lovely. I feel the chill coming in the air.

<3 I've been following you for a few weeks now, and this one's my favourite so far. It made me smile :)

Hi Elizabeth,

I spoke with your husband Mark a bit earlier today and he directed me to your work.I think this painting is lovely and I think your site is very impressive with the amount of work you have been producing. I live just down the street from you on fairmount actually and am also an illustrator. you can check my work out at


Please tell your husband I said hello and that it was very nice to meet him.He had asked me to email him about my work but i didnt get contact info from him.

Thanks Elizabeth and keep up the excellent work!!


Thanks, Chris. Mark told me he enjoyed talking with you! He didn't find your blog when he got home, but did your band, Sundog Peacehouse. Now that I've got the link, I look forward to exploring your visual work.



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