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Local.  What was left from lunch when I was out and in transit today.


Hello Elizabeth,

I have also been trying to draw everyday but am finding it tricky to keep the motivation and not miss a day.

Whats your secret? :)


Cubist core...

One of my secrets is community. Once I began sharing my drawings every day, I didn't want to skip. At the beginning it was probably only family and very close friends who came to my site - but that was a great source of support. The other secret for me is not worrying whether the drawing is any good. The point is to draw every day, not to make "good drawings." That lets me make a very small drawing in a very great hurry, when that's all I have time or energy for. Eventually the drawing process has become its own reward - I never know what I'll discover... so that also keeps me going. Thanks for asking!



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