Went to Phipps Conservatory with friends today.  I could have spent many more minutes watching the koi swim in one of the pools.


I love koi--I think my favorite photo of them ever was in an old Nat'l Geographic. It showed a bird feeding the koi at the edge of their pool--all you can see is this bird forking worms into lots of big open mouths!! The fish kept the bird very busy. How is Snow Baby? Karen

Phipps is one of my favorite places to just hang out. Did you get to see the agave bloom this summer?
I live in MT, but grew up in PA and visit several times a year to visit my sister in Johnstown.
Your journey with daily illustrated pieces is so inspiring. Thank you.

Snow Baby is fine - sitting on a shelf in my study, still unclothed, but watching over the room. Thanks for asking!

I missed the agave's bloom - though I read about it. Now it's beginning to fruit (according to the sign I saw).



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