green bag


We carry more bags with us these days.


Love the colours. We are all carrying more bags around, aren't we. Just as well though.


After seeing some of your sketches for a number years now, I decided to introduce myself.
My name is Elizabeth Perry, I go by Libby.
I studied drawing and illustration with a man from Prat and Parsons named David Passalacqua after a college degree in Graphic Design from University of Central Florida, and currently I teach Art History.
Since becoming a mother drawing time became greatly reduced to practically nothing.

Now that my youngest is a approaching teens, I dream of starting up again with a schedule of some sort.
Reportage is one of my favorite things to do, but your small completed images really encourage me.

I am convicted when I see you have recorded years of daily life so simply and am inspired by this.
Wish me luck.

Elizabeth Perry

Hello, Libby. What fun to meet you online, and to hear about your work. Best wishes for your own drawing projects. Elizabeth (sometimes Liz)



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