blue pawn


An orphan game piece - not sure where I got it, probably in a box of mixed odds and ends at a rummage sale.  Someday, I tell myself, I'll invent a game that connects the found pieces together.


what a great idea! I wanna play!

When I was taking a class in Educational Psychology at our community college, we were given that exact assignment -- a little bag of odd objects, then told to invent a game which would entertain 3 Kindergarten students.
Being older myself, returning to school after raising my family, and working years in a daycare center, I had something together in a few minutes.

I had to chuckle with the student who sat next to me. He was the same age as my son, a soldier newly home from Iraq. He had misunderstood the requirements for the class, but refused to mess with his schedule and work hours, so he showed up every day and gave his best effort.
He said he would practice his game with his little niece, and said she liked it fine.

We both earned a B to pass the class. I saw him a couple more times on campus, but never connected again.

Now, see what ya done? I hadn't remembered him or class for a long time. Thanks :)



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