Drawn in pen, however.


Elizabeth, your photos of your sketchbooks always look so crisp and bright. I've finally taken the plunge and started blogging, but my photos of my own sketchbooks come out rather dull. I wonder if you could offer any tips, especially for lighting?

Hi, Cate.

I use flash for consistent lighting (and because I'm usually posting after dark), and I use automatic settings because that's easiest. When much of my page is white, the camera thinks that it ought to be gray (between the lightest and darkest extremes), and so the resulting image looks low in contrast and too dark. I then use PhotoShop to correct this. Other photo editing programs will also let you correct the image - look for settings for "levels" or "curves" and experiment until you find a system that makes your photo look more like your original drawing.

Hope this helps...

Elizabeth, this helps a LOT! My camera washes out colour anyway and I'm tweaking the saturation in family snaps all the time, but if the camera thinks white should be the middle-tone as well, no wonder my photos of sketches have been less than successful.

I had been doing a bit of fiddling with contrast and colour in Paint Shop, more out of desperation than anything. I'll keep experimenting less desperately now, until the image on the screen looks like the image in my sketchbook. Thanks so much for your advice!




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