We did get local strawberries today: so ripe, so fragrant.


I don't know if anyone else's mentioned it, but your images no longer display inline for me in my rss aggregator. (I use Google Reader in Firefox.) I see a link to the image name (e.g. day1990.jpg), clicking on that brings me to your blog where everything displays fine.

They used to display fully in my feed until a few weeks ago.

I was clicking around a bit so I could properly describe its behaviour to you, and now it's gone really weird. If I click on the image name in google reader, it takes me to the google homepage (?!) rather than your blog, except for those images I've just recently seen (and would be in my cache, I imagine) which are now displaying inline. Bizarre!

Thanks, Gemma. I've heard this from a few other people, and have seen it for myself. I am not sure what has changed, or why the feed is now (mis)behaving the way it is. (Argh.)

Fortunately, the school year is drawing to a close, which means that my work life will be slightly less complicated in a couple of weeks. At that point I'll be able to test things systematically and hope to get the issue fixed! For what it's worth, I have several different ways to subscribe to the RSS feed (please see the upper right hand corner of this page) - if one link is not working, perhaps you could subscribe via one of the others?

Again, I'm so sorry that this isn't working properly, and I hope to get the RSS feeds fixed up soon!



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