2000 days


Today is the two-thousandth day of daily drawing in my sketchbook. I can't quite wrap my mind around the number. When I reached day 1000, I made a video. Milestones attract our attention, but in the end, they're just numbers. I'm grateful for the cadence of days, the cycle of seasons. Thanks for your company, for your comments, for your encouragement. I had fun drawing today, listening to the sound of water and birds and laughter in another room. Tomorrow I'll draw something else - I don't know what it will be... but the project continues.

Ferns by the brook - a few hours before the thunderstorm.


Congratulations, Elizabeth. Although not commenting I came here very often. Continue, please!

Looking at your journal every night is a highlight of my day. I am enjoying how you choose between a two-page sketch, a tiny outline or 'framed' color square with the drawing inside. Still waiting to hear how Snow Baby is doing? xxKaren

Thanks for yours marvellous drawings!Congratulations!
Vera (from Brazil)

I agree with Karen, your daily drawing is one of the hightlights to my day. I think I have seen them for a few years now and still you manage to surprise me with your insight and microscopic vision.

I stumbled on your blog a few months ago and I love seeing what you've drawn or painted in your sketchbook each day. I'm trying to do a sketch a week and that's hard enough to find the time and motivation for.

Thanks so much for sharing your journal every day.

I look forward to them.

I've been writing for 6 years but so much rejection has worn me down for a while.

So I shall go back to drawing for a bit.

Nothing compared to your journal though :)


Reading this about your anniversary a few hours before the 2010 summer solstice is the perfect way to celebrate you and your totally awesome fullness of heart, vision, and humor. Visiting your woolgathering blog is equivalent to my afternoon cup of hot tea (or iced tea with mint, depending on the season). You inspire my soul. Congratulations on 2000 in Twenty Ten!

You are an inspiration! Through words and drawing... Thanks for sharing your inner most self to others.

When words are not enough... I come here to look for pictures.
When words become too many... I come here to see what you do without words.

Congratulations on the bloggaversary :)

~~love and Huggs, Diane

Belated congratulations on another huge milestone, Elizabeth. Thank you so much for continuing!



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