Blueberries scattered across the table in an early constellation of summer.


I´m going to pick these up right away and than....
you will have a white page again.
(it rhymes accidently, sort of) :-)


still no image on feed through feedblitz
so need to do lots of clicking around to get at it
I LIVE for your drawing everyday

Thank you all!

Anne, I am having similar trouble with FeedBlitz - pictures not showing up in the emailed feed, when I get it, either. Yet when I go to the control/set-up pages for FeedBlitz, all the pictures are there, and I can't see any problem in the code. I can't figure out how to fix it. I know I didn't change anything at my end - am hoping that it's a bug that FeedBlitz resolves. Meanwhile, there are other subscription buttons set up at the top of the right hand column - maybe you could subscribe with one of those? So glad you like the drawings!


The problem with images is not FeedBlitz but the way your web site is configured. If you try and grab the image directly from the site (which is how email and RSS readers will do it), e.g. enter directly into your browser; you are redirected to Google. And that's the problem.

I suspect you have a plugin which is trying to prevent image references from other sites. Unfortunately, the side effect is that images won't display in email and RSS aggregators either since it looks like someone tryng to "steal" your image. I suggest you disable the plugin or get one that will work for RSS readers and email clients.

Either way, it's not a FeedBlitz bug though.


Phil Hollows
Twitter: @phollows

Thanks so much, Phil. I don't know what plug-in can be doing it - I haven't (knowingly...) changed anything in my setup recently. I'll see what I can figure out to resolve it.



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